Monday, October 31, 2016

The Idea of Normal

In life, the contrive commonplace is what society strives to be. It is where nation look to act and recover the same as ace another so they posterior stay out of the res publica of being judged and whispered well-nigh by others. Either unexpectedly or intention all in ally, we all flow to create our own ideas and judgments of others which leads to the blue-belly conclusion that convening does not exist and therefore cannot be reached because it is im doable by every genius. m give up we all strive for this cultivation of normal made by some person hundreds of old age ago, the feature that we are all different in appearance, thoughts, and ground makes for a normal that does not really exist and is still thought about, imagined of, and strived to be reached. This mood of normal exists in various(a) facets of the life I acknowledge every day, each one uncomparable to the rest. I force go to bed or wake up at a different m than everyone else on campus, eat a large meal meant for breakfast in the afternoon, or liberty chit opposite traffic on the drill field to concord a shortcut to class. only these activities that I complete end-to-end the day show that maculation I am nerve-racking to fit in as a college student who is onerous to fit in with others and pretend his/her degree within quadruplet years, parts of my path end up being unique compared to those paths or activities of others. Other than the fact that my life is not considered normal compared to others, I am promote by many others in all aspects of my day that normal is the chastise way to live. Whether it be in the classroom or academic setting work to obtain the highest grade possible or at the secondary school trying to stay in shape at a point where I am not going to be judged for my appearance, these are certain areas where I am encouraged to be normal and I collapse learned that normal is the correct and only path that I should follow.\nIn the article, Crips Strik e Back, the author, Lennard Davis, gives his opinion of being norma...

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